At Purdey's, we believe everyone needs positive energy to embrace what life has to offer. We also believe energy drinks shouldn't feel like a compromise. By harnessing the power of nature within all our drinks, Purdey's gives you energy which you can feel good about. Naturally boosted by fruit juice, botanicals & energising b-vitamins, Purdey's is a positive way to energise your day.


Purdey's was first launched in the UK in 1988 and has a rich history of revitalising the nation as the original vitality drink. The very first bottles of Purdey's were actually delivered to musicians at Abbey Road Studios to help give them ‘more rhythm and less blues’ whilst recording their next big hit.

Today Purdey's is the country’s number one sparkling natural energy drink and continues to embrace 'Elixir Vitae' by delivering energy as nature intended.

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